What is an Embedded Credit Operating System (ECOS)? And how can it help companies build better credit products?

Lendflow’s Embedded Credit Operating System (ECOS) provides powerful underwriting technology that helps fintechs and SaaS build effective credit products in days, not months.

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Jon Fry
June 23, 2022

To stay competitive in a rapidly changing market, especially within the current economic conditions, fintechs and SaaS companies are increasingly looking for ways to launch credit products faster and more efficiently. 

Building and scaling effective credit products requires a robust operating system that allows you to accurately perform risk assessments and make decisions more quickly than traditional lenders. In addition, you will need a streamlined credit application flow that is fully customizable and white-labeled to match your brand guidelines and existing customer experience. 

For fintechs looking to expand into credit products, Lendflow can provide all the resources you need to build and launch credit products in minutes, not months — with minimal resources required. Let’s take a look at how Lendflow’s Embedded Credit Operating System (ECOS) can make a difference for your fintech portfolio. 

Credit products you can launch with an Embedded Credit Operating System

Credit products aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Even if you’ve decided to expand your fintech or SaaS offerings with credit products, you’ll still need to decide which type of credit product you want to deploy. Lendflow understands the diversity in credit offerings and the range of SMBs’ capital needs. Our Embedded Credit Operating System (ECOS) is a flexible tool for whichever credit product you choose to build:

  • Credit cards: Maybe the next step for your fintech is to offer unique credit cards for your SMB customers. Offering branded credit cards can strengthen brand loyalty, and establish a line of credit for your customers. Making the jump to credit cards is easy with Lendflow’s ECOS, which allows you to automate the process — from onboarding, to application to underwriting — and issue cards quickly to qualifying customers. Better yet, with a vast network of fintech partners, Lendflow gives you access to ongoing account monitoring so that you can easily adjust your customers’ credit limit over time. 
  • BNPL and Net term loans: If you’re establishing a credit program for SMB customers, it’s likely you will consider some type of “Buy Now, Pay Later” (BNPL) option. Lendflow’s ECOS allows you to set the net terms for your loans, and to assess qualifying borrowers with more accuracy than traditional lenders. 
  • B2B payments: Other business-to-business transactions are easier when you use the Lendflow ECOS, which allows you to establish credit terms and streamline B2B payments like purchase financing and invoice factoring. 

Unique features of Lendflow’s Embedded Credit Operating System

When you implement Lendflow’s Embedded Credit Operating System (ECOS), you can tap into a world of features that make your credit operations run more smoothly than ever. The Lendflow difference is what separates the fastest-growing fintechs and SaaS companies from their competitors. Lendflow’s ECOS includes useful features, like: 

  • Embeddable onboarding and credit application widget: The Lendflow application widget is fully white-labeled so you can easily embed it into your website or product — using your own branding. That means you can launch credit products that are 100% integrated into your brand’s core experience, embedded with just a few lines of code. 
  • Automated credit decisioning engine: Lendflow’s Credit Decisioning Engine allows you to customize your workflows, and pull from dozens of different data points for accurate decisioning through a single API and contract. The breadth of data available via Lendflow’s ECOS means you can make decisions that are both faster and more accurate than ever before. 
  • User-friendly dashboard: The Lendflow dashboard allows you to manage all your credit applications from a single source, so you can monitor the status of each application with ease. You can also use Lendflow’s dashboard to measure the health of your credit program, so you can identify which products are the best fit for your customers and understand which areas you can optimize.
  • Expert advisors: In keeping with Lendflow’s commitment to customer service, Lendflow offers expert funding advisors that will guide your customers through their credit application process, through a fully white-labeled experience to meet your brand’s requirements. 

Making an impact with your new Embedded Credit Operating System

For fintechs and SaaS companies looking for a new way to offer credit, leveraging Lendflow’s Embedded Credit Operating System is a high-value, high-ROI solution. Lendflow offers a comprehensive tool to help you build and launch credit products faster, with an easy-to-use process from start to finish. The impact of Lendflow’s Embedded Credit Operating System (ECOS) on your credit program is hard to overstate — here’s why:

  • Everything you need to build and embed credit products. With full-service features, Lendflow is a one-stop-shop for building and launching your credit products. With Lendflow, you can onboard new customers, underwrite loans, and originate loans. Plus, our expert advisors are here to help your customers along the way. 
  • Flexibility to meet your specific needs. Lendflow is a flexible tool that allows you to customize your workflows during the underwriting process, and gather detailed applicant data in your Lendflow dashboard to meet your underwriting requirements. It’s your own credit underwriting program, personalized. 
  • Elevate your brand. One of the most important and unique features of Lendflow’s Embedded Credit Operating System is its ability to fully integrate with your brand. Lendflow’s embeddable widget offers a white-labeled experience, which means you can apply your own branding to your credit experience from start to finish.

Taking the next step with Lendflow 

The best, most efficient way for fintechs and SaaS companies to launch new credit products is through Lendflow’s Embedded Credit Operating System. 

With our holistic approach to credit onboarding and underwriting, Lendflow has emerged as the all-in-one solution for building and launching a credit product in minutes, not months. The Lendflow ECOS is a high-impact solution that requires a minimal amount of dev resources. To learn more about our Embedded Credit Operating System, let’s chat today.

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