Become a source of capital for your customers

Easily embed credit products within your core experience and give your customers seamless access to the capital they need to grow.
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Deliver more value to your customers

Acquire new customers, increase engagement, generate incremental revenue and accelerate growth with an embedded capital program.
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Everything you need to embed credit products

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One-stop-shop for acquisition, underwriting, origination, and onboarding
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Specialized lender marketplace across multiple industries
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Expert funding advisors
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Solutions that fit your needs

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Flexible integration and customization options
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Detailed applicant data and insights in one dashboard
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Go-To-Market support with expert funding advisors
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Your brand, elevated

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Fully white-labeled experience
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Integrated applicant communications
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Easy to implement, custom branded application widget

Be your customers’ hero

See how Lendflow can help you embed credit products so you can connect your customers to the capital they need to grow - straight from your product experience.