Your own credit decisioning engine, supercharged

Quickly launch credit products with our open API and flexible decisioning engine that lets you build your own credit workflows and start approving borrowers in minutes.
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Access better data
and increase reach
Access better data and increase reach
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Automate your decisioning workflows and reduce risk
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Streamline operations, make faster decisions, beat the competition

Say goodbye to manual processes with Lendflow’s credit decisioning engine.

Our single API allows you to pull dozens of data points on each applicant, build and optimize your own decisioning workflows to approve more customers, faster without taking on additional risk.

Data aggregation

We take Know-Your-Customer to the next level

We connect the dots so you can approve customers faster. Through a single API you can go beyond the credit score with bank and accounting data, business credit, fraud detection, to make smarter credit decisions in seconds, not days.
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Automated decisioning workflows


Automated workflows, smarter credit decisions

Build and configure your underwriting workflows according to your credit policies, set conditional arguments to pull data from multiple sources, optimizing your decisioning and minimizing costs.


Intelligent scoring system for better decisions

Build your own proprietary applicant scoring system or tap into Lendflow’s pre-built templates to assign weight to each data point and rank each credit applicant in seconds.
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Launch and scale faster

See how Lendflow can help you build, embed or enhance your credit products so you can acquire more customers, increase revenue and accelerate growth.