How Lendflow Can Help Improve Customer Metrics & Increase LTV

Lendflow helps SaaS companies boost key customer metrics by offering a better customer experience to their SMB customers.

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Jon Fry
January 28, 2022

Lendflow helps SaaS companies boost key customer metrics — including LTV — by offering a better customer experience to their SMB customers.

The world of embedded finance is still widely misunderstood and, in many cases, even unknown. SaaS companies want to improve customer metrics and add value to their customer relationships, but they are often unaware of the one simple strategy to do it: embedded finance. 

When SaaS businesses partner with a company that offers a comprehensive embedded lending infrastructure like Lendflow, they do more than simply add a capital program for their SMB customers. They also install a platform that, in one fell swoop, improves key performance indicators (KPIs), boosts engagement, and increases the lifetime value of a customer across all existing services. 

Lendflow's Unique Platform

To leverage all of these benefits, SaaS companies need a high-value, low-effort solution that goes above and beyond a simple embedded finance tool. Lendflow is that solution. 

Lendflow has emerged as the only embedded lending platform that offers: 

  1. A low-code embeddable widget: Getting up and running with Lendflow is as easy as a SaaS company copying and pasting a few lines of code onto their website. Launching your own capital program — and allowing your SMB customers access to a robust lending marketplace — is that simple with Lendflow. It only takes a second and there’s no heavy-lifting or development resources required to maintain it.
  2. A robust marketplace of diverse lenders: Our lenders offer a wide range of lending products and tailored financial solutions, including receivables purchase, line of credit, term loan, invoice factoring, equipment financing, recurring revenue, e-commerce, consignment inventory, import finance, and more. This variety means one thing for SMB customers — greater access to capital from lenders that actually understand their industry and capital needs.
  3. Credit data services: Lendflow’s unrivaled credit data services platform enables lenders to gather more data from each SMB customer than ever before. This allows them to build a stronger financial picture of each SMB, and therefore offer better capital options.
  4. A team of funding advisors who work alongside SMBs: Lendflow’s team of funding advisors work closely with SMBs throughout the loan application process to help them choose the best option for their business and situation. We educate your SMB customers on everything ranging from loan terms to repayment options — and go over all the fine print with them so they always have the support they need.
  5. A white label solution: Lendflow offers a full-scale, white label solution for both our embeddable widget and funding advisor experience. SaaS companies can fully leverage Lendflow’s capabilities in accordance with their own branding to improve customer satisfaction metrics.

How Lendflow's Platform Drives Key Performance Indicators

Embedded lending offers a number of benefits to SaaS companies and customers alike, and Lendflow’s one-of-a-kind platform makes attaining those benefits a reality. Lendflow can help you enhance many of the key performance indicators that drive your business as a whole. These include: 

  • Revenue: Many SMBs will have to borrow capital at some point, whether it's to cover ongoing expenses or to scale their business. Through Lendflow’s revenue share model, SaaS companies can monetize their customers’ financing, receiving a portion of each loan originated through their product. 
  • Lifetime value (LTV): SaaS companies can increase customer LTV by enabling SMBs to access critical capital to power and grow their operations. The revenue share component increases customer LTV over the short term and long term, while simultaneously making it easier for SMBs to access the capital they need when they need it. SMBs then use more features within the SaaS platform or upgrade to higher-priced solutions over time.
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) and product stickiness: Boosting NPS and product stickiness is a top priority for any SaaS company. A great way to boost both is by making it easier for customers to access critical services quickly. Adding embedded lending to your existing platform does just that, offering customers capital at their point of need. By adding more synergistic services into your product suite, you improve product stickiness across the board, and also ensure customers access your expanded offerings without ever leaving your platform.
  • Customer churn and engagement: Finding new customers is always more expensive than retaining existing ones. That’s why it's important for every SaaS company to have an effective customer engagement strategy that reduces customer churn and increases LTV. Embedded lending executes on this objective since it acts as an add-on or cross-sell feature that has the high potential to increase customer engagement and satisfaction alongside your core product offerings.

Start Increasing LTV and Improving Customer Metrics Today

Embedded lending with Lendflow is the simple way to drive growth and offer a delightful customer experience. The best part is that you don’t need to commit lots of production and development resources to make your own capital program come to life. It’s like outsourcing product launch and development while reaping the benefits of a great end-user experience. 

Lendflow offers easier, faster access to capital for SMBs, a more convenient loan application experience, and a team of experienced funding advisors. In doing so, we help SaaS companies create a high-value experience for their SMB customers — which, in turn, increases the use and value of their existing business and product line. Partner with Lendflow today, increase customer LTV and other KPIs, and ensure your SaaS company continues to thrive. 

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