Introducing Lendflow’s Credit Decisioning Engine & The Future of Lending

Superior risk assessments, smarter credit solutions, greater deal flow—the launch of Lendflow’s Credit Decisioning Engine unlocks a new era of lending.

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Jon Fry
May 25, 2022

We’re delighted to officially launch our new Credit Decisioning Engine—a centralized, end-to-end credit solution that promises to redefine what tech-friendly lending looks like. Lendflow’s Credit Decisioning Engine drives value for financial institutions, fintechs, and vertical SaaS companies across every stage of the lending cycle. 

“Our Credit Decisioning Engine represents the natural next step in Lendflow’s embedded platform,” said CEO and Co-Founder Jon Fry. “The new decisioning engine complements our credit origination system and diverse lender marketplace to form the most robust embedded credit ecosystem on the market.” 

Lendflow’s advanced Credit Decisioning Engine advances its mission of democratizing access to capital. Companies can now empower their customers to reach their full potential—with tailored credit solutions and seamless financial experiences that move the needle. “By connecting your customers to lenders that specialize in their same industry, fintechs and vertical SaaS companies become uniquely positioned to meet their customers’ specific financing needs,” said CEO and Co-Founder Jon Fry.

Key Value-Drivers

The idea behind Lendflow’s Credit Decisioning Engine is intuitive.

For Lenders, what does optimized underwriting look like?—Lendflow’s revolutionary Credit Decisioning Engine equips lenders with the intelligent data profiles and credit decisioning tools they need to efficiently identify qualified borrowers. More automation, less manual review, faster decisions and less risk. This is advanced credit decisioning on your terms. 

For Vertical SaaS companies—Diversify your core product suite and embrace on-demand servicing without breaking the bank. Providing your customers critical point-of-need capital within a seamless, contextual financial experience amplifies brand value and takes your customer engagements to the next level.

For Fintechs—Build, embed, and launch first-class credit solutions, in record time, and accelerate your growth strategies. Expand your reach, boost LTV, and reduce churn by providing customers with capital quickly, efficiently, and at the best rate possible. 

Lendflow’s advanced Credit Decisioning Engine creates a win-win situation across the board. Lenders catalyze loan conversion rates and make better lending decisions. Fintechs break into niche industries and unlock greater market share. And by delivering SMBs access to the capital they need, vertical SaaS companies enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty levels. Superior risk assessments, smarter credit solutions, greater deal flow—this is how you win with Lendflow’s Credit Decisioning Engine.

Key Features

  • Access the full breadth of data — with a single API, under a single contract — from dozens of data providers and build superior customer profiles.
  • Drag-and-drop each data set in the order that matches your underwriting requirements. Select only the most relevant data for each application, with customized workflows that are designed to minimize costs. 
  • Automate scorecards, streamline decisioning, and remove the manual work from underwriting. Approve credit faster by setting specific parameters and conditional arguments that automatically generate pass/fail credit decisions.  
  • …and much more.


Vertical SaaS companies and fintechs that serve SMBs, in particular, leverage Lendflow’s advanced Credit Decisioning Engine—where holistic data profiles seamlessly flow into automated workflows and customizable scorecards—to streamline underwriting operations and drive bottom-line results. 

Lendflow’s Credit Decisioning Engine compiles all data necessary for effective underwriting in one place, under one contract. Within a low-code environment, vertical SaaS companies and fintechs gain full visibility into a greater pool of qualified customers. Automated decision trees—designed according to underwriting requirements—optimize risk assessments and accelerate GTM times.

“Lendflow provides us with the underwriting infrastructure that has allowed us to get to market quickly and scale up our fleet card operation at a 100% month-over-month pace,” said Vignan Velivela, CEO and co-founder of AtoB. “Their single API connection into multiple services, flexible pay-as-go pricing, and quick feature turnaround time makes their platform stand out from the rest."

What’s Next

Automated credit decisioning is disrupting the lending landscape, and Lendflow is leading the way. By engineering a faster and more accurate credit decisioning process, Lendflow’s Credit Decisioning Engine unlocks a new era of on-demand capital delivery. 

“Lendflow’s Credit Decisioning Engine empowers companies to take command of their own fintech decisioning and efficiently scale fintech products,” said CEO and Co-Founder Jon Fry. “We’ve seen what a verticalized software industry looks like. Our goal is to now verticalize fintech. Lendflow began as a funder marketplace and has since evolved into the most comprehensive embedded credit decisioning platform on the market.” 

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