Vertical SaaS Companies Use Lendflow to Accelerate Growth

Embedded lending gives SaaS companies an edge. As a high-value and cost-effective growth driver, embedded lending helps SaaS companies expand their customer base, boost engagement, and unlock new revenue streams.

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Jon Fry
May 6, 2022

Embedded finance has only begun to filter into the SaaS space. With constant innovations in fintech, it can be difficult to figure out whether the latest and greatest trends have staying power or are just a phase. 

The long-term suggests embedded finance as a whole is here to stay. Embedded lending, a subset of embedded finance that applies to all credit products — credit cards, Buy-Now-Pay-Later and loan products — has emerged as a sustainable and cost-effective growth driver for vertical SaaS companies looking to leapfrog the competition.

Embedded Lending for Vertical SaaS Businesses:

As a SaaS provider, you share many of the same goals for growth as any other business. You are focused on growing your market share and deepening your brand engagement. And you’re constantly looking at ways to further innovate your product suite to provide more value to your customers. 

However, many SaaS businesses find themselves making slow vertical progress as a result of limited budgets, limited resources, and other headwinds.

Needless to say, establishing a successful SaaS company, let alone sustaining one, requires a delicate balance between growth and fiscal responsibility. After all, investing in customer experience upgrades requires resources.

There is good news for vertical SaaS companies, though. With minimal incremental resources, embedded lending can catalyze your growth objectives — taking your customer relationships and business to the next level

The option to get your own capital program up and running with minimal development resources is what makes embedded lending such an appealing growth strategy for vertical SaaS companies. With the right partner, embedded lending is an effective solution that drives bottom-line value for your SMB customers without compromising your balance sheet. Within a matter of minutes, you can embed financial products into your native ecosystem, activate a robust lending marketplace, and become a one-stop-shop for your SMB customers.

Embedded lending is not only a winning formula for growth-minded SaaS companies — it’s a win for your SMB customers too. Embedded lending allows SMBs to easily access trustworthy capital from your own website, with approval times that are far shorter than those of traditional banks or lending institutions. 

Embedded lending is a proven, high-value, low-effort solution that enhances customer engagement, boosts retention metrics, and opens up new customer acquisition strategies. 

SMBs will always need new capital. Embedded lending simply ensures your SaaS company is the one to provide it in a seamless way at the exact point of need.  

What Makes Lendflow the “Right Partner?” 

In the embedded lending landscape, Lendflow stands out. With a one-of-a-kind marketplace of specialized lenders, Lendflow’s innovative solutions unlock growth without breaking the bank. Lendflow is the only embedded financial service that offers: 

  1. A Low-Code, Embeddable Loan Application Widget:
Embedded lending with Lendflow isn’t just cost-effective — it’s easy to install. You can successfully launch your new capital program and bring Lendflow’s unrivaled marketplace to your customers’ doorsteps in no time. 
There is no heavy-lift to get off the ground with Lendflow’s embeddable widget — simply copy and paste a few lines of code into your website or product experience. The cherry on top? Once you are up and running, you do not need to allocate development resources to sustain your capital program. Minimal maintenance is required from start to finish.

  1. A Diversified Marketplace of Lenders:
Lendflow’s financial services can be as diverse as you want them to be because we recognize that each of your customers faces unique capital needs. With the ability to offer tailored capital solutions to your customers, you can effectively cater to the needs of your SMB client base on a case-by-case basis. 
Lendflow’s robust marketplace of specialized lenders offers an equally comprehensive range of lending products — from receivables purchases, to lines of credit, and invoice factoring to name a few. Our specialized lenders understand your SMB customers’ specific capital needs because they operate and specialize in the same industries. Lendflow’s distinctive marketplace therefore uniquely positions you to deliver capital that moves the needle for your SMB customers.

  1. A Powerful Credit Decisioning Engine:
Traditional banks and financial institutions have seen little innovation in the course of their underwriting models for far too long. High barriers to entry, manual reviews, and lengthy underwriting processes amount to complex credit decisioning. SMBs’ suffer most from a series of breakdowns that make point-of-need capital access hard to come by. 
To make matters worse, on the other side of the table, manual decisioning can lead to greater underwriting inaccuracies. Banks often turn away qualified SMBs due to a lack of sufficient credit data, as a case in point. 
Lendflow’s credit decisioning engine bridges the data divide. By automating underwriting processes and aggregating traditional credit data and non-traditional financial metrics to build holistic customer profiles, lenders using Lendflow’s Credit Decisioning Engine can improve efficiencies and increase credit approvals for qualified SMBs that currently fall through the cracks within traditional decisioning models. That way, your SMB customers have a higher chance of accessing the capital they need, when they need it, from lenders that not only understand their industries but are also equipped to make better credit decisions. 

  1. An Expert Team of Advisors:
When you launch your own capital program with Lendflow, you’re not alone — you have our entire expert team behind you, devoted to your success. Our funding advisors assist SMBs at every step of the loan application process. From educating your customers on their options to reading over all of the fine print, we help SMBs land on the best capital solutions for their business and situation.

  1. White-Label Solutions:
Lendflow’s white-labeled solutions are designed to be seamlessly integrated into your website and put your brand front and center. From start to finish, the Lendflow brand remains invisible across our embeddable loan application widget and funding advisor experience. By relabelling Lendflow’s services with your own brand, SaaS companies leverage Lendflow’s capabilities to add brand value and improve customer satisfaction metrics.

Lift Off With Lendflow

Embedded finance is making a splash, and it’s only getting bigger. Lendflow’s embedded lending infrastructure uses innovative financial technology, data services and credit decisioning to optimize underwriting processes. Where traditional lenders have failed for years, leading vertical SaaS companies are able to win new SMB customers by delivering fast, high-quality capital solutions from within their existing product experience. It’s a value-add strategy that’s simple to set up and proven to generate results for SaaS companies looking to make the leap. 

With minimal resource commitment, when you white label Lendflow’s loan application widget, you build on your core suite of offerings to include capital solutions. Lendflow empowers SaaS companies to amplify their brand and benefit from deeper customer experiences. Plus, with Lendflow’s revenue share model, you receive a portion of each loan that is originated from your program. 

Whether you’re looking to accelerate product-led growth, diversify revenue streams, or stay ahead of the competition, Lendflow could be the missing link for your business.

To learn more about how Lendflow is partnering with vertical SaaS companies and transforming point-of-need capital delivery, schedule a time to speak with one of our Lendflow advisors today!

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