Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering how Lendflow works? We’re an open book.
How does Lendflow generate revenue?
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When your customer accepts an offer, lenders pay us for all of the work we do on your behalf such as underwriting, document collection, 1-on-1 calls with your customer. We then share a percentage of that revenue with you!
Is Lendflow a lender?
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No. Lendflow is a technology company with software that connects customers to multiple best-in-class lenders through a single online application and a large support and back office staff to work 1-on-1 with your customers.

Unlike an online lender, we are incentivized to provide your customers with the best offers out there.

You get the revenue uplift and benefits of being a lender without the risks. You are unlocking a new revenue stream without losing focus on your core business.
How hard is it to integrate with Lendflow and the network of lenders?
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This integration does not require any custom coding or significant development resources. Simply install a short code snippet anywhere you want your customers to be able to apply for funding and you’re done.

We take care of the integrations with dozens of carefully vetted lenders and presenting applications to the right ones, sharing offers with your customers and helping them understand their options, and managing the relationships during the repayment period.
Are you able to help us integrate Lendflow?
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Yes, of course. We will walk you through the integration process from start to finish at no cost.
Can we white-label Lendflow's application widget and back office system?
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Yes. The Lendflow widget can be white labeled so that it aligns with your brand, product, and website. We can also white label our team and communications by configuring email and domain addresses.
How do I know that the Lendflow team will serve my customers well?
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Our team has helped 4,500+ small businesses access over $190,000,000 in funding in the past 5 years. This same team has a 5-star rating on Trustpilot.

We can also record and share calls with your customers for a small fee. Contact our partnerships team for more details.
Is Lendflow right for us if our eventual goal is to be a lender ourselves?
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Some of our clients join Lendflow for this reason. With Lendflow, you can test your customers’ appetite for funding without the risk of providing the funding yourself or staffing a lending program.

As applications are submitted and offers accepted, you’ll get access to all of the data required to raise your own credit facility and determine your desired merchant credit profile. Then, you can fund the deals that meet your criteria with your own capital while continuing to leverage Lendflow’s lender network by forwarding the applications that do not meet that criteria.

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